Two Louisiana Plaintiffs file Charges Vs. Takeda



Two more charges of misrepresentation were filed against Takeda in now the center of the Actos multidistrict litigation (MDL), the state of Louisiana.

Plaintiffs from Louisiana accused Actos maker Takeda of willfully suppressing and misrepresenting the risks of its pioglitazone-containing products to gain profit. The claimants, who exclusively attributed their bladder cancer to Actos, said Takeda did not make enough efforts to warn consumers about the risks associated with taking Actos. Plaintiffs are seeking damages for medical monitoring costs. They filed their cases in a federal court in the Eastern District of Louisiana.

The number of pending cases filed in Louisiana was one of the bases in the selection of venue for MDL. In December 2011, it has been decided that the Western District of Louisiana will be responsible for the pretrial hearing to be led by Judge Rebecca Doherty. The decision was reached as 16 Actos bladder cancer lawsuits awaited trial in the district. The first MDL hearing will be held on March 22.

Any diabetic who took Actos since FDA’s approval in 1999 can be eligible for compensation. Call our Actos lawyers now.

Cases involving pharmaceutical companies like Takeda frequently lead to class action.

A class action is the consolidation of cases with similar claims into a single lawsuit. For plaintiffs to take part in a class action, they must surrender their rights to file separate charges on their own. When disputing lawyers agreed for settlements, financial compensations are evenly distributed among the plaintiffs regardless of the varied emotional and financial burdens experienced by claimants.

An MDL is designed for pretrial proceedings and discovery only. Trial and judgment is done before federal district judges.

If you are contemplating on joining a class action, call our Actos lawyers now for a consultation. Our Actos lawyers will explain to you the positive and negative effects of filing a separate case outside of a class action.

The slew of lawsuits with Takeda and/or Eli Lilly as respondents came after the release of Food and Drugs Administration’s (FDA) safety warning on Actos bladder cancer link in June 2011.

The safety warning, which confirmed Actos’ ability to effect user a 40 percent chance of developing bladder cancer for Actos use of over 12 months, was corroborated by results from studies conducted in France and by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

A representative from Takeda said around 200 lawsuits have been filed against the company as of January 2012. Lawyers, however, continue to evaluate Actos claims as news about Actos lawsuit floods the Internet and airwaves. They expect an increase in the number of claimants the months to come.

Despite the nearing pretrial hearing and publications of comprehensive studies about the dangers of Actos, the diabetes drug is still available for prescription in the U.S. without any restriction.

It was able to rake in $3.4 billion in sales in 2011, keeping the best-selling diabetes drug title.



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