Easter Family Events in Honolulu: A Choice Between Garden and Sea Experience



WaikikiOne of the possible problems a family may encounter while looking for an Easter event in an area is the fact that almost all Easter activities are designed to suit the liking of kids.

It is always satisfying to see kids enjoy an event, but if an Easter celebration is meant to be relished by the whole family, it should be inclusive. That is, parents and older sibs, not just the kids, will have the means to enjoy the occasion.

That is the tenet of this article. I chose Easter Sunday events in Honolulu, which I believe, could be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Easter Lunch Cruise and Whale Watch at the Star of Honolulu. If your family is the type, which enjoys on-the-go fun, then this Easter family event offering by Star of Honolulu is just right for you.

For Easter Sunday, the Star of Honolulu Cruises offers Hawaiian buffet, whale watching, lei making, ukulele and hula lessons, and egg hunt. Yes, every member of your family can engage in all of these while aboard a cruise ship with 60-foot high observation deck ready for the adventure. Cruise price is $63 for adults and $38 for kids. The said rate is inclusive of excise tax and harbor fee.

For this year’s Easter lunch cruise, a 1,500-passenger tour vessel is all set to sail on Hawaiian waters from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. For more information, visit the Star of Honolulu’s website.

Easter Brunch Buffet and Easter Egg Hunts at Willows. If your family is the type, which values tranquility and a relaxed atmosphere, Willow’s Easter offering may be the right one for you.

Willows is known among local frequenters as Hawaii’s original garden restaurant, the first of the now mushrooming garden restaurants in the city and all of Oahu. It is situated in the exceptionally tranquil Moili’ili area surrounded by a tropical garden enriched with Hawaiian flowers, waterfalls, and ponds.

For Easter, Willows offers a brunch buffet, which costs $42.95 per adult and $21.50 per child ages four to 10 years. The said price is inclusive of two Easter egg hunts with a bunny mascot. The Easter brunch buffet will be available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Willows offers spirit-soothing experience for adults with its close-to-nature setting and a small chapel within the vicinity while kids are enjoying the usual egg hunts with their beloved costumed Easter bunny as the leader. For more information, visit their website.

For families, which pursue Easter celebration with gusto, a family-friendly (not just kid-friendly) event (and place of the event) is crucial. With garden experience on one hand and sea experience on another, I hope I was able to present an operational alternative to those who plan to celebrate Easter in Honolulu. Happy Easter, everyone!

Photo Credit: George Miquilena

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