All About Fireworks: Four 4th of July Events in Honolulu County



Fireworks Of all the major celebrations in the country, Fourth of July is the brightest, the noisiest, and the most colorful. Thanks to the ever-entertaining Mr. Fireworks Display, without him, Ms. Deep Emerald Green, Ruby Red and other hues in an amazing array of shapes and sizes will not be given the chance to show off their beauty. And of course, the illustrious Mr. Sky will be dark and boring.

As much as Fourth of July is historical and political, it is also a form of entertainment. Undeniably, fireworks display is at the center of the occasion’s entertainment value. From New York City down to Honolulu County (City and all of Oahu), fireworks have become an integral part of the Independence Day celebration. So, for this article, I looked for the four biggest, most-frequented pyrotechnic celebrations in the county.

1.) Ala Moana Center Fireworks Display

The fireworks display at the Ala Moana Beach Park, sponsored by the Ala Moana Center, is a pronounced crowd drawer in the county and the whole state. Aside from being one of the top 25 Independence Day celebrations in the country, it is also strategically located at the outskirt of the famous Waikiki stretch. Slated on July 4 at 8:30 p.m., the fireworks display is expected to last 20 minutes with fireworks soundtrack being broadcast simultaneously on Krater 96 FM. For more information about the fireworks spectacular and Ala Moana Center’s full entertainment schedule, see the shopping mall’s event guide.

2.) Aloha Tower Marketplace Fireworks of Independence

Scheduled on July 3 at 8:45 p.m., Aloha Tower’s fireworks of Independence is yet another spectacular celebration in the county. With the best views of the Honolulu Harbor as a backdrop and a place formed with Hawaiian Gothic architecture, Aloha Tower’s is an impressive first salvo of the county’s Fourth of July fireworks shows. For more information, visit their website.

3.) Schofield Barracks Fireworks Display

Slated on June 4 at 8:30 p.m., the Schofield Barracks fireworks display is an equally impressive alternative to Ala Moana’s. For residents and visitors alike in some areas in Central Oahu (Wahiawa, Mililani, and Waipio) and the county’s Leeward side (Ewa, Kapolei, and Makakilo), the fireworks display in the Schofield Barracks is a practical choice. The fireworks will be launched from the Schofield Barracks Commissary Parking lot near the Schofield Bowling Center. For more information call Schofield Special Events Office at (808) 655-0111; 655-0112 or 113.

4.) Turtle Bay July 4th Fireworks

Scheduled on June 4 at 8 p.m., Turtle Bay’s fireworks display is a convenient alternative for residents and visitors in the North Shore (Laie, Kahuku, Haleiwa, and Waialua). The fireworks display, which is expected to last 30 minutes, is open to public. The Management, however, prohibits the public from bringing coolers and high back chairs in the resort-hotel’s premises. For more information, visit their website.

Honolulu County is a remarkable place to celebrate July 4th. With fireworks display from the county’s different regions competing for a space in the stunning Hawaii skyline and historic landmarks as salient and patriotic backdrop, what is not to like and enjoy? Happy Independence Day, everyone!



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