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After the publication of a Pew Research Center study confirming a growing number of seniors using the Internet on a daily basis, reverse mortgage lead generators shift resources online. While allocating more resources to online lead generation is an appropriate move, it is not enough to seize the opportunity.

The bulk of websites and web pages on the World Wide Web are overwhelming in number. As of November 19, 2012, the indexed web containsat least 6.9 billion pages. And yet, this figure is considered an underestimation since an assumed overlap has been deducted from the estimation provided by Google, Yahoo! and Bing, the top three search engines.

Say, 10% of these indexed web pages are devoted to reverse mortgage lead generation. That is a whooping 69 million web pages. Imagine your website's web pages competing with 69 million other web pages for your target customers' attention on a per-second basis. What is the probability that your website will be able to capture even the 10% of the 70% of American seniors ages 65 and older using the Internet on a typical day? This is when organic search becomes of use to lead generation.

An organic search is an unpaid search that generates results. It happens when a web page makes it to a listing on search engine results because of its relevance to the search term. So, when a lead generation company's website does not show up in a keyword search that it is expected to appear, there is a real slim chance for its web pages to attract its target audience. This means that there's more to seizing the growing number of seniors utilizing the Internet and email than putting out a website online. The reality is, you can have a five-year-old website and still have a return on investment (ROI) similar to its one-month-old counterpart due to low ranking in organic search.

While paid ads have their role to play in reverse mortgage lead generation, it is the organic search that answers to a lead generator's need for leads with high conversion rate. As they age, most seniors learn to be more critical of ads whether on TV, on the Web, or on a search engine. There is this assumption that paid ads are generally misrepresentation of different companies claims about the greatness of their products. This explains why web users trust organic search as opposed to those paid ads typically found at the top or the side bar of search results. A word of caution though: position in organic search rankings does not happen overnight. A website needs accurate keywordsquality content, and better link building to seize a chunk of the growing number of seniors flocking the World Wide Web.

A website should utilize the same keywords a target customer uses when searching for information about reverse mortgage in the web. It is necessary for the lead generator to target the keywords that are going to generate the most hits from seniors or their family members hoping from one search engine to another.

Another consideration for organic search is the quality of the website's web pages copy. Creating content with accurately placed keywords improves a website's chances of climbing up the organic search ladder. While keywords per se can help your website land the first page in a search result, it is the content that will draw visitors and will trigger response to your call-to-action and landing pages.

One final factor that a lead generator should explore in the name of organic search ranking is link building. Link building is particularly beneficial, especially when your lead generation website is new to online reverse mortgage lead generation. Links from trusted websites and blogs will be able to build up your website's traffic. Different blogs and websites with quality content and information linking to your reverse mortgage lead generation website will improve both its traffic and popularity.

Improving a website's organic search ranking is somewhat daunting. Edging millions of websites after another just to be able to have a slice of the online reverse mortgage leads is not a walk in the park. It is hard work, real hard work. But the good news is: you can take your website up one ranking at a time.

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