Tips on Publishing High Quality, Senior-Related Content To Boost Internet Reverse Mortgage Leads


A company's website remains to be the most credible marketing channel. According to an IPED study composed of solution providers, resellers, and channel partners, a company's website takes prominence at 56.5% credibility followed by event and tradeshows sponsorships at 45.2% and virtual events and webinars at 36.1%.

With the said statistics, it is but crucial for companies to invest on the quality of their website's content. For reverse mortgage lead generators, it is about publishing high quality, senior-related content to attract traffic and boost lead generation.

Aside from the standard topics like HECM disadvantages, refinancing, foreclosures, interest rate, appraised value, and mortgage insurance premiums and other HECM costs, lead generation website may devote few web pages for other topics that may be of interest to their target audience. A senior blog with a direct link from the main lead generation website can also be a strategic move.

Below is a list of topics a senior may get interested and may look for over the Internet. These topics are based on reasons why in the first place a senior is interested in a reverse mortgage loan.

1.) Home Improvements. Some seniors get interested with a reverse mortgage to cover the rising costs of home improvements. Since seniors are usually dependent on fixed monthly incomes from Social Security during retirement, home maintenance and repairs may be beyond their budget. For home improvements-driven seniors, lead-generating contents may include:

  • Home improvement tips for seniors
  • Senior-friendly home remodeling ideas
  • Tips for finding the right contractor
  • Medicare-covered equipment and their use
  • Home Improvement outlets offering special discounts to seniors and veterans
  • Senior-friendly government programs relating to housing and repairs

2.) Personal Finance. Some seniors choose to take reverse mortgage to keep up with their financial obligations like paying off a regular mortgage, their kids' student loan, and other form of expenses and debt. For seniors coming from this background, content related to personal finance will work:

  • How to Tighten up Spending
  • Guide to Short-Term Savings
  • Ways to Increase the Value of your Home
  • How to Boost Credit Score
  • Budgeting
  • Keeping financial documents

3.) Travel. Some seniors have the retirement dream to travel and see the world. For those with seriously tight budget, a portion of their reverse mortgage loan is used to make this dream happens. For this group of seniors, website content on airlines and hotels' offers and attractions all around the globe are essential. To reach-out to this group of target reverse mortgage borrowers, a lead generator may publish the following contents:

  • Tips how to travel affordably in retirement
  • Updated travel warning issues
  • Airplane schedules and offers
  • Features on most-visited places around the globe
  • Cruises and hotels offers
  • Travel facts and myths

By building high quality senior-related content, a reverse mortgage lead generator can boost web traffic and lead generation while earning target costumers' trust and reputation leading to greater conversions and incoming natural links necessary to improved ranking in organic search.


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