The Emergence of Mobile Marketing



Have you heard about mobile marketing?

No, I am not referring to road shows or moving billboards. The demands for these methods have long declined in the bout of advancements in technology. This “mobile marketing” I am talking about is the promotion of a company’s products or services using mobile devices.

Why should you be interested with mobile marketing’s emergence?

In 2010, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) conducted a survey on U.S.-based adult consumers about their mobile marketing behaviors and opinions. MMA said almost half of adults in the United States claimed they would access websites from their mobile phones in 2011. Aside from Hispanics, Asians are also more likely to access the mobile web once a day or more in 2011. Given this chunk of demographics, there’s no reason for an e-commerce-utilizing business to ignore the importance of optimizing mobile phone-friendly websites or advertising on web pages.

In an interview by FoxNews Latino, Kevin Conroy, president of Univision Interactive Media and Development, said in 2011 that 65 percent used their mobile phones as primary means for Internet access. Conroy added that Hispanics are more likely to use phones for text messaging, sending e-mails, playing games and downloading or streaming content. The report projected that mobile phone will surpass Internet as the means to access websites and their content over the next two years.

The said MMA survey results and statement by Conroy remain consistent to the current marketing trends. According to the recent BrightEdge survey findings, mobile traffic grew 125 percent from the first half of 2012 to the first half of 2013 while desktop traffic grew by a minimal 12 percent. BrightEdge, a global leader in enterprise SEO, analyzed mobile usage across 6,000 brands and more than 5 billion web pages for the report. The problem is, according to BrightEdge CEO and founder Jim Yu, mobile marketing remains largely untapped.

This article is not intended to cajole or advice you to jump ship and abandon your websites and other Internet-based marketing strategies. Rather, I want you to realize the importance of making your websites more mobile phone friendly, well designed and relevant-information packed marketing platforms. This I believe is essential if you want to adopt mobile marketing in your business strategies.

As a consumer, accessing a certain web domain through the phone and being unable to find the information you knew was there is frustrating and time-consuming. It would make you think twice or thrice to visit the website again. No business, especially startups, would want their customers jump into their competitors’ fence due to a non-mobile phone-friendly website.

Business entities cannot overlook the importance of mobile enabling in this economic downturn. Yes, Internet is the talisman of the 20th century, but mobile phone is slowly taking over and businesses wanting to be profitable should be alert and open to change. Mobile marketing may require a more complex and sophisticated technology. Enabling your web pages for access by mobile devices is the simplest of the emerging marketing strategies. If I may emphasize, it’s the simplest yet can make the most impressive sales impact.



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  1. Reinalyn Terrado
    Hi Ash! Thank you for the info. I appreciate that. Have a great day! :)
  2. If you are designing a mobile message, get the most mileage out of your next tact by also including something similar in your basic internet marketing campaign. This will work to ensure that your best material is distributed to as many people within your market as possible. There is no reason to keep your efforts separated.

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