Three Fall Events in Honolulu County


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Growing up in a place where autumn is nonexistent, I have a deep appreciation for the natural visuals bring about by the season. I don't know, but autumn evokes that positive feeling in me. The sun seems exceptionally brilliant, the skies look deeply blue, and though there are no maples and birches where I live, fall colors never fail to elevate my mood and encourage me to plan, look forward to memorable events with my kids, and write creative musings. Below are five activities I plan to do with my two little boys in the embrace of autumn.

1.) Have a pumpkin patch educational tour
In October of every year, Kapolei-based Aloun Farms in Oahu, share a pumpkin patch educational tour with Hawaii educators, kids and their families. My boys had their first visit last year, and they both vowed to pay a visit again this year.

2.) Explore an indoor miniature golf
My firstborn expressed interest on golfing, and so I would like to give him an indoor golf experience for the first time. With Kaneohe-based Glow Putt, also in the island of Oahu, we can all have a taste of golfing without necessarily alienating the youngest and the oldest in the family.

3.) Visit Boots and Kimo's
Located in the windward coast at Kailua in the island of Oahu, Boots and Kimo's is one of those few dining places I would love to visit with my boys. The restaurant offers home-style food in big portion at an affordable price. Frequenters complain about waiting time, but they keep on coming back to savor the scrumptious mac nut pancakes.

4.) Bake cinnamon swirl banana bread
I love cinnamon rolls, and my two boys love bananas and anything with banana. For this fall, I'm planning to create cinnamon swirl banana bread with my boys. A nice-looking, mouth-watering photo I first found in Pinterest convinced me that baking deserves a spot in our bucket list.

5.) Hike at Lanikai Pillboxes
For only around an hour of hike, Lanikai Pillboxes near Lanikai Beach in Kailua offers an average family a memorable view of Mokulua islets in Oahu. I have yet to hike with my boys, and since Lanikai is considered the easiest and most scenic hike on the island, I'm sure they'll have fun.



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