How Vocabulary Factors in SAT and ACT



When you are about to undergo a physical examination, the most pressing question is: how physically fit am I? Regardless of the physician's achievements and clinical skills, your chances of obtaining a favorable result will only be determined by your health, your preparation and your body's predisposition.

This is also true to going to college.

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When you are preparing for college and about to graduate from high school, the question, which begs for an answer is: how vocabulary fit am I? Because between college and high school, there is the impediment called standardized testing for college admission. And regardless of the college entrance exam you take and high school you've been into, your vocabulary, your equipping process and your disposition will play a fair share in your test result.

Choosing the Right Test For You

The ACT and the SAT are both meant to test a student's knowledge of the fundamentals of a high school education in the country. What make for the difference are the formats and subject matters.

ACT assesses the knowledge a student acquired in high school. Thus, educators find its questions straightforward while they find SAT questions tricky. It is because SAT assesses test-taking skills or a student's performance under pressure. While ACT questions are easier to understand on a first read, it tests a broader range of subjects. This means that the vocabulary skills you will need to handle the tricky questions in SAT are the same concentration of vocabulary essential to grapple with the breadth of subject matters in ACT.

Is your Vocabulary in Shape?

Ultimately, both the ACT and the SAT evaluate a student's ability to think and process information. Regardless of whether the test will apply composite (ACT) or subject-specific (SAT) scoring, one fact remains: complex and unfamiliar vocabulary on the test can confuse a student's understanding of what a certain ACT or SAT question is all about, increasing a student's chance to settle for an incorrect answer. So, before you take your college entrance exam, ask this question first: Is my vocabulary in shape? If it's not, make an effort to brush it up. Rest assured, it will pay off.



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