Top Three Low-cost Grocery Stores to Shop to Cut Back on Food Spending



When my husband and I reduced our working hours for two worthy causes (he attended school while I took care of our two boys) cutting back on food spending became necessary.

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In our family, however, food-spending cutback took a different meaning. The cutback was focused on eating out expenses rather than on groceries. We actually spent more on groceries to save. By preparing our own dishes, we minimized the chances of eating out, which meals I believed, cost thrice or more than homemade food. In our five years of living in one income, my saving rudiment worked: buy ingredients from the low-cost grocery stores and cook.

Based on our family's experience, a mother does not need to limit her family to certain food just to lessen expenses. She can still buy the same food items that she is into prior the spending cutback, provided, she can get them at a lower price. Low-cost grocery stores have been my knights in shining armor in this department. They are the links that connect my plans to my goal: a good cutback on spending. Below are the three low-cost stores, which I found to sell food items at a reasonable price.

1.) Commissary. For those who have access, the Commissary is the thriftiest of all the thrift grocery stores. Regular price for meat and other kitchen needs are 200 to 300 percent lower than other stores. In organizational events like those in churches, workplaces, and clubs, members may choose to assign someone with access to the place to buy the food items needed and then divide the charge among themselves.

2.) Costco. For bulk buying, Costco is the place to be. Though Costco's food items are few notches pricier than the Commissary's, buyers can go there and shop for as long as they have their member's card. Consumers should, however, be on guard against impulse buying while shopping at Costco. The bulk of low-cost food items can tickle anyone's price-sensitive meter, which can lead to more spending rather than savings.

3.) Sam's Club. Prices for food items at Sam's Club are almost like Costco's. While it also requires buyers to avail its membership card to shop, Sam's Club is less crowded and offers some food items in small quantity rather than in bulk.

With the thrift grocery stores on the side and home cooking on the other, the possibility of coming up with a great selection of food in our pantries at home is still possible amid family spending cutbacks.



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