Top Three Gifts for Film Fans for Under $50


Film IconOkay, you are in the season of spending cutback, and you want a not-so pricey but not cheap-looking film-related gifts. I understand, we are on the same boat. I have listed at least three gift items, which I believe will not burn a hole in your pocket, but can be appreciated by any film-interested individual like me.

1.) A Blu-ray Disc (BD) of “Citizen Kane.” If a topic about kids can form a connection between two mothers in their first meeting, “Citizen Kane” can do the same to film aficionados: it can create connection, can be a springboard to a lively discussion, and can pave to making friends, at least most of the time. For almost all film critics, “Citizen Kane” is the greatest film ever made. As the late Pulitzer Price for Criticism awardee Roger Ebert put it, Citizen Kane is the “official answer” to the question, “What is your favorite film?”. Aside from its reputation, a classic film like Citizen Kane distributed in a BD disc spawns a play between two opposites: the old and modern; the form and content; and technology and culture. The BD version of this highly acclaimed movie is an ideal representation of substance and structure rolled into one. You can find “Citizen Kane’s Ultimate Collectors Edition” in BD disc at $44.96 in Walmart.

2.) Personalized Home Theater 3D Sign. Who one film enthusiast would not want a theater feel inside his/her home? This home theater sign in 3D highlights two items close to any film buff’s heart: a movie reel and film and a paper box bursting with popcorn. The three-dimensional lights and the printed name of the recipient (up to 10 characters) perfect this thingamajig. It costs $44.99 from Personal Creations.

3.) Movie Quotes and Banners-themed Planner. Of all the gifts I mentioned, this movie quotes and banners-themed planner serves the most utility. The recipient of this planner would not just take delight in the esthetic function of the movie quotes and banners, he/she will also thank you for its organizational and efficiency values. Custom weekly planners start at $20.67 from Blurb.

Film fans find fulfillment in their journey with images, words, and sounds as they watch, retell, and assess movies. Preparing gifts for them can be a bit of a challenge especially if you are challenged yourself financially. I, however, believe that the aforementioned gifts touch at least one of the journeys (images, words, and sounds) I have mentioned above and so will impeccably serve their purpose. In the end, what will matter is the fact that you go the extra mile to find gifts, which will add preciousness to special day of your film-fan loved ones.



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