Instilling Confidence in Your Child Via Reflective Talk



Able_12_weeks_with_max_078I was not sure what triggered it.

I noticed the fear in my son’s face when he saw a dog one day. He grimaced, and pushed himself to the side of the pavement as if a street bully was coming and he should give way or else he would risk his life. We lived in an apartment building, and he rarely encountered a member of man’s canine friends.

The next time he saw a dog and grimaced, I held his hand and told him we would see for ourselves if there were any reason for his worry. I delivered the line the way I would announce an exciting plan and adventure. I greeted and petted the dog after having found a comfortable deep squat position. The dog wiggled her tail. “Do you think the dog likes it when I talked and petted her?” My son nodded. “Did she bite me?” He shook his head. And I went to explain that dogs are generally nice, and sometimes, they get mad when they are threatened. He was three then.

Three years later, I noticed that my son is generally cautious. He is not the risk-taker type. As young as he is, he would weigh in on available choices before making any attempt on something. While this is a good character trait, I don’t want him to miss out on some wonderful occasions that necessitate risk-taking. He is a very rational young boy, and asking him questions about his choices and possibilities make him loosen up. A sincere, reflective talk always helps.

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