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Bus Ride And Seats

  TheBus #3 stopped and opened its door for me. I showed the driver my bus pass and hopped in. That morning, all seats were taken. A few were already standing on the bus’ walkway. It was past eight in the morning, and everyone was in a hurry. For those working downtown who were avoiding…
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Light Mid-Tunnel

I was staring at a banner with the text Promise Land Children's Ministry on it. I intended to have Theo with me all throughout his big brother's school-led Sunday service. The church running the school had no special needs ministry. Somehow, as we approached the children's area on our way to the sanctuary in the second floor,…
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Behind Those Eyeglasses

  The family's medical insurance afforded me a new pair of eyeglasses delivered today. My optometrist pre-arranged it a couple of months ago to cover a huge portion of my supposed co-pay. After a series of visits with my retinal specialist, my left eye can now see better, needing a combo of upgrade and downgrade with…
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You Hurt You – 2016 In Review

  "You hurt you!" It was Theo, tattling how his older brother has hurt him. He slightly slumped to a chair nearby after Thymon bumped into him accidentally. "You meant, he hurt you?" I pointed my index finger to his brother when I uttered the pronoun he and put my hand on his chest when…
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A Meaningful Nochebuena

  I could still hear the singing and belly laughs from our neighbor’s family gathering. It was Christmas Eve, December of 1995. And as expected, people were in festive mood. I was peeking from a crevice that used to be a bedroom door. The bedroom that the door used to separate from our living room…
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