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  When life challenges overwhelm my journey, I think of you. Your courage to defy naysayers, Your bravado to traverse the raging current of poverty, They lend me confidence to drive from the sheltered ground, And explore my plans and dreams in the woodland. Your wisdom gives me the assurance, That I will lose nothing…
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  Miles away from my family, Your friendship becomes crucial It fuels camaraderie It eases off the loneliness in me.   Your openness empowers me, You never backpedal or clam up Your attempt to connect is unflinching You flat-out illustrate what friendship means!   Your depth commands respect With that strong pang of loneliness You…
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  When all my tasks are done And the daunting day zaps the strength in me I find solace in knowing I have you as my family.   When I’m on the brink of falling into pieces And uncertainty overwhelms me Your hearty laughs and earnest affection Stop my ride to emotional wreck.   When…
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  Rough time is inevitable It can come gushing, seeping through the bone Snatching your deep gladness Ripping you to tears.   Rough time is strenuous  There are heartaches to heal Anger to mellow Forgiveness to ripen And Gratitude to nurture!   But Rough time is temporary Like a heavy rain, it stops Like a…
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  In my loneliness, I became a historian. I traveled memory lane in considerable depth Savoring…   Continuously and methodically embracing Those narratives, our history!   In my solitude, The visionary shone in me. I drew conclusions from my aspirations Speculating… Tirelessly pressing on, For our future, the yet to come!   In missing you,…
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