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A Knock And A Bowl of Soup

  A couple of nights ago, our neighbor knocked on our door to ask if we were interested with a computer stand. She was downsizing and intended to give away home needs crowding their place. Her offer came while I was in the middle of finding a space for the company-owned computer and scanner in…
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Review: The Nesting Dolls by Cynthia Rogers Parks

  "A mother-daughter cry can be risky. You don't really know who's comforting whom when both of you have dissolved into blubbering fools at once. But there are just times when it's the very thing. And this was one of those times."   The history of Russian diaspora offers a very vivid illustration of the…
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A Closer Look At Kakaako: The Honolulu County’s Third City

    Known for its parklets, the booming Honolulu neighborhood of Kakaako stretches between Ala Moana near Waikiki to the east and downtown Honolulu and Honolulu Harbor to the west. The commercial and retail district is home to an estimated 17 thousand residents, a number that is expected to reach 50 thousand by 2030. The…
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Top Three Low-cost Grocery Stores to Shop to Cut Back on Food Spending

  When my husband and I reduced our working hours for two worthy causes (he attended school while I took care of our two boys) cutting back on food spending became necessary. In our family, however, food-spending cutback took a different meaning. The cutback was focused on eating out expenses rather than on groceries. We actually…
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Four Best Eats Near the Honolulu Airport

  Due to its mid-Pacific location, the Honolulu International Airport (HNL), the largest airport in Hawaii, is distinguished for its direct flights to major cities in the continental United States, Asian countries and the Pacific Rim. Aside from this, HNL is also distinguished for the best eats surrounding its vicinity. Below are my top four…
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