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Flapping and Blessing

  My family was 45 minutes early for my doctor’s appointment. It was a little over five in the afternoon. We walked around the mall where the optometrist’s office was located to kill some time. On our way down to the ground floor, my youngest saw the slow-moving train packed with giggly kids stationed between…
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A Closer Look At Kakaako: The Honolulu County’s Third City

    Known for its parklets, the booming Honolulu neighborhood of Kakaako stretches between Ala Moana near Waikiki to the east and downtown Honolulu and Honolulu Harbor to the west. The commercial and retail district is home to an estimated 17 thousand residents, a number that is expected to reach 50 thousand by 2030. The…
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Welcoming Fall Without the Scary Feel: 7 Alternatives to Halloween in Honolulu

  If you choose not to observe Halloween as a matter of religious belief or personal preference, the county offers various fun and family-friendly alternatives to enjoy. Below are seven events that opt-out from Halloween's scary feel, which can be a bridge to build a positive, relationship-building experience. 1.) Fall Harvest 2014. Every Saturday and Sunday…
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A Bus Encounter and A Whisper

  In front of me was a huge, young man sharing his knowledge on the evolution of buses. He talked about the introduction of articulated buses in Europe in the 1950s, their manufacture in the United States in the 1980s, and how these buses are similar or different from the modern buses. He was so…
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