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Bus Ride And Seats

  TheBus #3 stopped and opened its door for me. I showed the driver my bus pass and hopped in. That morning, all seats were taken. A few were already standing on the bus’ walkway. It was past eight in the morning, and everyone was in a hurry. For those working downtown who were avoiding…
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5 Budgeting Tips for Retirees in 2017

  Retiring in 2017? Check out these simple budgeting tips to be in charge of your finances: 1. Change the old budgeting rule While still working, the equation income minus saving equals expenses may be effective. But after retirement when there is no stable income, do budgeting differently. Divide your dollars into 3 parts: fixed…
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A Knock And A Bowl of Soup

  A couple of nights ago, our neighbor knocked on our door to ask if we were interested with a computer stand. She was downsizing and intended to give away home needs crowding their place. Her offer came while I was in the middle of finding a space for the company-owned computer and scanner in…
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Seniors’ Guide to Reverse Mortgage: Part III

  [caption id="attachment_1099" align="alignleft" width="300"] Credit: Wikimedia Commons[/caption] The third part of this article series aims to provide 10 more must-know about the current state of the reverse mortgage industry. For seniors interested to avail a reverse mortgage loan, these nuggets of truth can help them formulate smart and educated decisions. On the current state…
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Seniors’ Guide to Reverse Mortgage: Part II

  The reverse mortgage industry has been deluged with challenges. In June of last year, the industry’s ethical practices have been challenged following the release of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) report. The CFPB report pointed out that reverse mortgage products are too complex for seniors to understand and counseling is not enough to…
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