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Truth and Love: The Complementary Opposites

  [caption id="attachment_2571" align="alignleft" width="300"] Credit:[/caption] Dichotomy, the partition of opposites that are actually complementary, is a common term in mathematics, philosophy, literature and linguistics. Hilary Putnam, author of the Collapse of the Fact/Value Dichotomy and Other Essays, traces its use back to David Hume. Within the context of facts and values, Hume heavily…
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The Backyardigans As Respect Drill Sergeants

  “It’s just nice when we all try to be polite. Please and thank you are just right, you’re welcome, too.” My boys would jump on the couch as their five colorful animal pals of Backyardigans sang and danced to the tune of Please and Thank you. Austin, Tasha, Tyrone, Uniqua and Pablo were five…
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Review: Henry’s Dragon Dream by Vroni Hovaguimian

  "From high in the sky down we fly, henry smiles and shuts his eyes."   With the popularity of dragon-based video games, TV shows, and films, why not children's dragon literature? Henry's Dragon Dream is a beautiful literary adaptation of this trend. Narrated by the character dragon himself, the book has a unique voice…
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Review: The Nesting Dolls by Cynthia Rogers Parks

  "A mother-daughter cry can be risky. You don't really know who's comforting whom when both of you have dissolved into blubbering fools at once. But there are just times when it's the very thing. And this was one of those times."   The history of Russian diaspora offers a very vivid illustration of the…
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Top Three Gifts for Film Fans for Under $50

    Okay, you are in the season of spending cutback, and you want a not-so pricey but not cheap-looking film-related gifts. I understand, we are on the same boat. I have listed at least three gift items, which I believe will not burn a hole in your pocket, but can be appreciated by any…
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