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A Call To Trust Him

  "Unlock the Einstein Inside..." It was the title of a display in one of the numerous tables in the resource room during the Special Parent Information Network (SPIN) conference I attended last Saturday. A woman was standing next to the display, all smile. "Parent, professional, organization?" She was referring to the three types of…
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My Back-to-School Budget

  My two boys will be back to school in a couple of weeks. Once again, I am excited to see my boys in school uniforms, learning and interacting with kids of their age. While my excitement is there, I tried not to be so excited with buying their school supplies. Meaning, I did not…
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How Vocabulary Factors in SAT and ACT

  When you are about to undergo a physical examination, the most pressing question is: how physically fit am I? Regardless of the physician's achievements and clinical skills, your chances of obtaining a favorable result will only be determined by your health, your preparation and your body's predisposition. This is also true to going to…
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