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Generating Story Ideas: Where Do You Start?

  "The writers who discover what sets them apart are the writers with the best chance of succeeding." -David Morrell in A Lifetime of Lessons about Writing and Publishing     Generating story ideas is a process. More often, it is a tedious repetition of experiences, words and texts that create voices in our heads, souls…
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Internet as a Medium to Generate Reverse Mortgage Leads

  Try to find one established company without an online presence, and boy, I will tell you, you have 99 percent chance of experiencing difficulty! It is because the World Wide Web provides the fastest, cheapest, effective means to advertise, communicate, entertain, inform, publish, recruit, research, sell, support, and train any age group around the…
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Organic Search and Website Traffic

    In February of this year, organic search via Google accounted for the 48.81% of referral traffic share. Facebook accounted for the 18.2% while Twitter and Pinterest accounted for the 0.82% and 1.05% respectively. Added to organic search by Google are Yahoo's and Bing's. Yahoo accounted for 1.61% while Bing accounted for 1.21%. This is to say that organic search…
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