Discouragement is surely not on our want list,
We ache for bliss,
We hope for happiness,
We yearn for joy!
Little do we know,
Discouragement serves some purpose,
That it is a double-edged chord,
It strums persistence in harmony with crushing grief,
It croons courage when life slams a door in our face!
We want to bury grief,
We want to throw disappointments,
We want to shoo anguish,
Only to realize they come clothed with priceless gift!
Discouragement can nurture our character,
It can define our competencies
It can create heartwarming stories,
This and all,
If we listen to the strum of that double-edged chord!
Keep your doors open,
Cling on to some hope,
Positively strum that double-edged chord
The gallant day will come
And you can’t help but say, “It’s worth the run!”


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