10 Newborn Homecare Practices To Consider



Anty-colic_bottleCongratulations to you and your bundle of joy! Whether you are a first-time parent or this is your sixth time to care for a newborn, here are 10 homecare practices you may want to consider:

1.) To prevent infection, clean the base of your baby’s cord using antiseptic-dipped cotton buds at least three times daily.
2.) Provided you have a baby boy and you elect for circumcision, put a protective lubricant and gauze over the circumcision site as often as baby’s diaper change for about a week.
3.) For a parent and baby skin-friendly diapering, use 100% cotton cloth diapers when at home and disposables when you and your baby are outdoor.
4.) Unclog your baby’s tear duct by a gentle downward massage from the nasal corner of each eye toward the nose six times as often as his/her diaper change for at least two weeks.
5.) Cut the long fingernails when the baby is in deep sleep: his/her limbs are dangling limply at his/her side.
6.) Put your baby’s first bath to a halt until the cord is no longer moist and the circumcision is well healed. Sponge bath will do for the meantime.
7.) A car seat is not a replacement for a crib. Buckle your baby into a car seat during travel, but don't let him/her sleep or relax in the car seat for long periods of time, especially when you’re home.
8.) Swaddling is a good practice, but let your baby be bare for skin-to-skin contact either during breast/bottle feeding or just before bath time.
9.) When carrying your baby, make sure that one of your hands is supporting his body and the other is under the back of his head.
10.) Afternoon massage is good for fussy, colicky baby. Using cold pressed, unscented oil, slide your both hands gently around the baby’s abdomen in a clockwise, circular fashion. You can also use your fingertips to apply pressure.

The first few months with your newborn can be taxing. But remember: this is just a phase. In no time, your baby will celebrate his/her 1st and then 2nd birthday, and all the chaos of having a newborn will be but a memory. Enjoy the experience!



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