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5 Budgeting Tips for Retirees in 2017

  Retiring in 2017? Check out these simple budgeting tips to be in charge of your finances: 1. Change the old budgeting rule While still working, the equation income minus saving equals expenses may be effective. But after retirement when there is no stable income, do budgeting differently. Divide your dollars into 3 parts: fixed…
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5 Free Web-based Personal Finance Planning Applications

  According to Kiplinger, prices of consumer goods will rise significantly faster in 2015 at around 2 percent. While the higher rate will be largely determined by pump prices (that means a big slide in crude oil can muffle the costs of consumer goods), another factor that may send anyone's budget to disarray is also…
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Top Three Gifts for Film Fans for Under $50

    Okay, you are in the season of spending cutback, and you want a not-so pricey but not cheap-looking film-related gifts. I understand, we are on the same boat. I have listed at least three gift items, which I believe will not burn a hole in your pocket, but can be appreciated by any…
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My Back-to-School Budget

  My two boys will be back to school in a couple of weeks. Once again, I am excited to see my boys in school uniforms, learning and interacting with kids of their age. While my excitement is there, I tried not to be so excited with buying their school supplies. Meaning, I did not…
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Top Three Low-cost Grocery Stores to Shop to Cut Back on Food Spending

  When my husband and I reduced our working hours for two worthy causes (he attended school while I took care of our two boys) cutting back on food spending became necessary. In our family, however, food-spending cutback took a different meaning. The cutback was focused on eating out expenses rather than on groceries. We actually…
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