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How Reverse Mortgage Leads Can Impact Growth of a Lending Business

  Demographic segmentation is probably the most evident benefit of reverse mortgage leads for a reverse mortgage lender. Reverse mortgage leads providers always use age (62 years or older) as a filter to identify those who will make it to their lists. Only seniors 62 years and older are legally permitted to withdraw a portion…
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The Emergence of Mobile Marketing

  Have you heard about mobile marketing? No, I am not referring to road shows or moving billboards. The demands for these methods have long declined in the bout of advancements in technology. This “mobile marketing” I am talking about is the promotion of a company’s products or services using mobile devices. Why should you…
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Five Ways to Boost Internet Reverse Mortgage Leads

  Given the growing number of adults age 65 and older using the Internet and email more often than before, it is but high time for lead generators to boost Internet Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) leads, popularly know as reverse mortgage leads. Below are some ways on how to boost Internet HECM leads: 1.)…
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