Five Ways to Boost Internet Reverse Mortgage Leads



Given the growing number of adults age 65 and older using the Internet and email more often than before, it is but high time for lead generators to boost Internet Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) leads, popularly know as reverse mortgage leads. Below are some ways on how to boost Internet HECM leads:

1.) Increase Your Landing Pages
Landing page, like any other part of an online marketing kit, has its role to play in lead generation. According to a recent study by HubSpot, companies that increased its landing pages from 1-5 to 10-15 experienced an average increase of 55% in lead generation. According to the study, this is because the number of a website's landing pages is directly proportional to the number of a website's indexed pages by Google and other search engines. This means that the chances for the target senior-borrower to find your lead generation website through search increases, thereby increasing your chances of collecting reverse mortgage leads.

2.) Publish High Quality, Senior-Related Content
A company website remains the top source of reverse mortgage leads. According to an IPED study, it was rated by solution providers, resellers and channel providers as having 56.5% credibility as far as marketing importance is concerned. To say the least, you need to publish high quality, senior-related content if you want to attract traffic and boost your leads. A lead generating content should not just be well written. It should also address a customer's pain points. For seniors interested in reverse mortgage, pain points may include HECM disadvantages, refinancing, foreclosures, interest rate, appraised value, and mortgage insurance premiums and other HECM costs. A well-written content framed in a customer's pain points or even success stories is always an excellent content strategy.

3.) Return Request for Information Immediately
Speed is a key in maximizing online reverse mortgage leads. When prospective customers request for information, it is essential that you give direct answers to their queries immediately. Most seniors who inquire about reverse mortgage have already been informed about the product and are seriously considering the loan. It is to the advantage of the lead generator to respond to an inquiry as quickly as possible.

Sending a potential lead with a pre-prepared set of materials consisting the company's products and services, contact lenders' rates, prospective lenders' information, and facts and myths about HECM options can be helpful. Inclusion of testimonials from former clients may be helpful as well, particularly if they articulate the core values of the lead generation company like honesty, fairness, and accuracy. Deception and misleading claims among lead generators are common concerns among senior-borrowers and lenders alike. Letting the seniors know that your company adheres to utmost integrity can pave to earning their trust.

4.) Listen to Senior's Concerns and Provide Factual Information Directly Listening is basic to communication.
This also applies to lead generation. When prospective seniors feel your sincerity due to your listening to their concerns about a certain HECM option and you are able to provide factual information, it will pave to a positive experience. Whether the senior avail reverse mortgage loan or not, the positive experience can be a form of free advertising. Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most credible forms of advertising. Only satisfied customers can initiate this form of unpaid promotion. When seniors share their experience to other prospective customers, lead generation can take place, and conversion may be more than you expected. But first, you need to practice the art of listening and be factual as possible as you can.

5.) Communicate Willingness to Help Provide Information Even After Closing the Deal
Providing necessary information even after closing a reverse mortgage loan compliments listening and strengthens word-of-mouth strategy. A lead generation company, which gets in-touch with former customers through updates about the industry and developments that may affect their reverse mortgage loan, can earn a long-term gain by carving a noble reputation among seniors. Building a lead generation company's brand takes a service that provides support from the moment seniors express interest about a reverse mortgage product to the months and years after they availed the loan.


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