Aiea, Hawaii: A Relaxing Getaway for Travelers


Pearlridge_MonorailThe Honolulu County (the city and all of Oahu) in Hawaii is not limited to the hustle and bustle of the famed Waikiki stretch. It also boasts of an area that offers some respite from the city life.

Approximately 12 miles from Waikiki and 9 miles from downtown Honolulu, Aiea can be an ideal getaway for someone who wants to be nearby to the majority of the county’s landmarks yet longs the tranquil atmosphere rare in city living. While the word “tranquil” echoes “remote” or “underdeveloped” to some, Aiea is not. It hosts a considerable number of places to stay, to eat, and to have some fun.

Accommodations. Rainbow Inn is probably Aiea’s most loved one-bedroom hotel. Yes, it offers hotel-like amenities with the feel of home away from home: a bedroom, which can accommodate up to three people, a private swimming pool, a well-kept lush lawn, and a kitchen. The place is all yours throughout your stay. Added to this is the stunning view of Pearl Harbor’s hallmarks: Ford Island, Arizona Memorial, and the Battleship Missouri. Rate starts at $140 a night for double occupancy. For more details call the owners at (808) 486-3876. Other places to stay in Aiea include Harbor Arms Apartment Hotel and Wiki Wiki Drive Inn.

Restaurants. For dining, the place to visit is Pearl Country Club Restaurant. Aside from the scenic views, it has a good selection of American, Japanese, and Hawaiian food served from breakfast to dinner. Rate for a complete meal (three entrees, starches, salad bar, dessert, and beverage) starts at $27.95 for adults and half the price for children ages 3 to 10. For more information, visit their website.

Another must-visit diner in the area is Off the Wall Restaurant & Bar located in Pearl Kai Shopping Center. It offers Hawaiian food accentuated with Japanese, Korean, Italian, and French flavors. Rate for an entrée starts at $8.

For the Italian food lovers, Ricado’s Italian Restaurant will be an excellent choice. It serves good-tasting selection of Italian food with a consistently excellent service. Rate for an entrée starts at $8.50. It is also located in Pearl Kai Shopping Center.

Activities. Visitors can opt for shopping, sightseeing, or other indoor and outdoor activities while in Aiea.

For the shopaholics, strolling Pearlridge, Hawaii’s largest enclosed shopping center, can be a breath of fresh air. It is a host to varied establishments like Macy’s, Sears, coffee shops, a drugs store, and stalls of toys, hobbies, and crafts among others and yet it still embodies that aura of tranquility absent in other shopping centers.

Pearlridge is also the only shopping center in the state with a Skycab, Hawaii’s only monorail system. Skycab provides transport to shoppers who want a walking alternative to and from the Uptown and Downtown parts of the mall.

For those who find satisfaction in amazing and historic sights, Aiea has three wonders for you: the Arizona Memorial, the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, and the Battleship Missouri Memorial. These historic sites tell lasting stories of peace, strength, and endurance that date back in World War II.

For the fish and aquatic life enthusiasts, Aiea has Ty’s Tropicals, Wayne’s Ocean World, and Coral Fish Hawaii. These facilities, which are likened to marine life aquariums, keep diverse types of salt and fresh water fish that entertain and educate about marine husbandry.

For the golf lovers, Aiea has golf course to choose from including Pearl Country Club, Golf Stix Hawaii, and Jungle River Mini Golf Park. For the skating aficionado, Aiea has Ice Palace Hawaii. For the gamers, there is Fun Factory, and for the mountaineers, Aiea has a loop trail, which will welcome you with the great views of Halawa Valley and H-3 tunnels.

Aiea has also business establishments for spas, arts and entertainments, and health and fitness. Added to this are beaches suitable for water sports.

Hence, when you visit Honolulu County, try to explore beyond the busy and thronged Waikiki. There is an array of white sand beaches, hotels, restaurants, and historical and beautiful sceneries scattered all through out the county. Some of them are in an area with a relaxed atmosphere and yet adjacent to the bulk of attractions. That is Aiea!



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